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The Dreamer Girl



Born in the suburbs of the Murang’a County, in the mid-late 80’s this girl had great dreams.

She was by then the last born in the family of five, although she would later have a baby sister when she was 11 years old.

She started school at an early age of 3 years to allow her mother to work on the farms.

In the morning she would go to school barefooted, her toes were hurt and numb but still, this girl dared to dream.

Her breakfast was sugarless porridge and sometimes leftovers.

Torn uniform, crumpled books in a crocheted bag and cold lunchbox were her companions.

She was the youngest in her class, sometimes she felt intimidated and she would cry the whole day.

By the time she was 5 years she was in class 2.

She was in the same class with her older brother who was 2 years ahead.

But guess what this did not distract her she was always ahead of him in studies.

They schooled together but as fate would have it, this was to change later.

In class 5, her brother could not pass the fifth year exams but she was ahead as always.

So she joined class 6 and left her brother behind.

This routine continued with her big sister. They would attend class 7 with her.

She was this tiny gal that even adolescent was far away from her mind.

As other girls were recognizing their womanhood, she was so innocent for that.

They joined class 8 together

Soon the years was over and guess what, she had better grades than her sister.

But since her sister was a bit older than her, her father convinced her to go back to class 8 to give her big sister a chance to join high school since he could not afford the two of them.

She religiously agreed.

Soon the year was over but still, there were no funds to take her to high school.

She was very determined to go to high school so she chooses to repeat for the third time so that her father can get the money, crazy right?

She suffered a lot of humiliations from her former schoolmate who was now in form two.

Her father’s only hope was snatched from him when he was attacked by thugs and all the money went.

He was so devastated and did not know what to tell her.

3 years in class eight, not because she was stupid but lack of school fees for further studies.

He told her story to his friends and it yielded fruits.

God was on her side as one of his friends was touched and promised to pay her education and off, she was in high school.

She was very happy and vowed to work hard and serve her God to the ends.

She wanted to become a civil engineer.

In high school things were tough.

Her parents could not afford the luxuries like other students but she was contented with what she had. But she focused on her studies.

She struggled with her 2 shirts, 1 skirt as the other had been stolen and only on a pair of second-hand shoes.

She was contented with the school’s diet since she could not afford anything outside the school dining hall.

Thing like juices, spreads were new to her and she could not afford them.

She pushed on and managed a B- in her KSCE.

Luck was not on her side as she missed the university point by two points.

As her friends who had even lower grade joined universities, she was left home.

There was no money for further studies.

By good luck, she got a slot at a national polytechnic and her sponsor agreed to pay for her.

She was offered a course she had no idea off.

But since she had waited for long she could not lose that chance she took the course, Diploma in Applied Biology.

So after two years of crying and praying, she was in school again by Gods Grace

And she was still dreaming…………………………

Imagine the world without chocolates


According to experts, chocolates will be history in 40 years to come due to the high temperatures in cocoa growing areas. The cocoa trees only thrive in around 20 degrees near the equator. They are grown in the humid and rainy ecosystem.


US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has predicted that If the climate change causes an increase in temperature of 2.1 within 30 years to come, it will cause danger to the cocoa plant and the chocolate manufacturing as a whole.

When the mercury level increases, it extracts excess moisture from the plants and soil. According to scientists, there is no amount of rainfall that can replace that lost water.


By 2050, cocoa-growing be done near the mountain tops. These areas have been reserved for wild animals. Countries that produce the largest amount of chocolate such as Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana will have to make a tough decision, whether to meet the world chocolate demand or redeem their environment.


In 2016, consumers in the third world countries freaked out when specialists anticipated that there will be a shortage of chocolate in the coming years.

A study called “Destruction by Chocolate”, found out that, first world consumers usually consume around 286 bars of chocolate annually, except Belgium who eats more.

In order to make 286 bars, 10 cacao trees would be required to produce the main chocolate ingredients


Many people from China, Indonesia, India, Brazil and previously the Soviet Union have joined the cocoa market for the last 3 decades.

The supply is not able to meet the high demand for the cocoa stock is diminishing.

According to Doug Hawkins, a researcher from a London based firm, Hardman Agribusiness, cocoa production is under threat due to lack of modernization of the farming methods.

He reported that other crops are cultivated using modern technology but cocoa has been left out since mostly it’s produced by small-scale farmers who still use traditional farming methods.


There is news that in Ivory Coast, which is number one cocoa producer, farmers are growing cocoa in the preserved forest which is against the law. This has been due to the high demand. Mr. Hawkins refers to this as ‘destruction by chocolate.’

He said that there are signals of chocolate shortage in the coming few years by 100,000 tons annually.



Happy 2018,

After the festivities, we are back to work.

This is a month of resolutions, some wanna get back in shape, start a connection with God, others start investing, there are still those who have not yet decided.

Dont worry, resolutions can be made any time(month) you just have to mean it.

So, what’s your resolution?

My journey

In the dusty roads, the heavily pregnant woman puffed, the bundle of firewood on her back.The cheerful crickets greeted her in unison. The darkness was approaching she too approached her hut.With a long sigh, she released the firewood finally its home.The cows mowed and goats merrowed their savior had come.

suddenly a sharp pain struck her, I was ready to come to this cruel planet…………………

to be continued