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Imagine the world without chocolates


According to experts, chocolates will be history in 40 years to come due to the high temperatures in cocoa growing areas. The cocoa trees only thrive in around 20 degrees near the equator. They are grown in the humid and rainy ecosystem.


US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has predicted that If the climate change causes an increase in temperature of 2.1 within 30 years to come, it will cause danger to the cocoa plant and the chocolate manufacturing as a whole.

When the mercury level increases, it extracts excess moisture from the plants and soil. According to scientists, there is no amount of rainfall that can replace that lost water.


By 2050, cocoa-growing be done near the mountain tops. These areas have been reserved for wild animals. Countries that produce the largest amount of chocolate such as Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana will have to make a tough decision, whether to meet the world chocolate demand or redeem their environment.


In 2016, consumers in the third world countries freaked out when specialists anticipated that there will be a shortage of chocolate in the coming years.

A study called “Destruction by Chocolate”, found out that, first world consumers usually consume around 286 bars of chocolate annually, except Belgium who eats more.

In order to make 286 bars, 10 cacao trees would be required to produce the main chocolate ingredients


Many people from China, Indonesia, India, Brazil and previously the Soviet Union have joined the cocoa market for the last 3 decades.

The supply is not able to meet the high demand for the cocoa stock is diminishing.

According to Doug Hawkins, a researcher from a London based firm, Hardman Agribusiness, cocoa production is under threat due to lack of modernization of the farming methods.

He reported that other crops are cultivated using modern technology but cocoa has been left out since mostly it’s produced by small-scale farmers who still use traditional farming methods.


There is news that in Ivory Coast, which is number one cocoa producer, farmers are growing cocoa in the preserved forest which is against the law. This has been due to the high demand. Mr. Hawkins refers to this as ‘destruction by chocolate.’

He said that there are signals of chocolate shortage in the coming few years by 100,000 tons annually.



Happy 2018,

After the festivities, we are back to work.

This is a month of resolutions, some wanna get back in shape, start a connection with God, others start investing, there are still those who have not yet decided.

Dont worry, resolutions can be made any time(month) you just have to mean it.

So, what’s your resolution?

My journey

In the dusty roads, the heavily pregnant woman puffed, the bundle of firewood on her back.The cheerful crickets greeted her in unison. The darkness was approaching she too approached her hut.With a long sigh, she released the firewood finally its home.The cows mowed and goats merrowed their savior had come.

suddenly a sharp pain struck her, I was ready to come to this cruel planet…………………

to be continued